VIDEOS VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz

This is our high school jazz band, VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble. Parent, Mrs. Tu, submitted this great video taken last May as our students were recording an album at Skyline Studios, Oakland, CA.

Scott's New Year's Eve in a Haunted House, transcribed by Les Deutsch. Arranged and orchestrated by the Band.

Their next album is set for production May 19th, 2018.

Listen to VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble's albums for free here

VIDEOS - VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz



VCS Radio was featured on CBS13 TV.
Note: The above picture is a link to CBS13's own video page.

The kids were joined by Cambi Brown and her crew from CBS LOCAL to do a news segment on CW31 GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO. part one is a segment on VCS Radio student personality, Jace Brock.

The CBS Team, headed by CBS LOCAL GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO reporter, Cambi Brown did a report on VCS Radio Symphony and their Silent film project.